BRUSSEL | Europa moet een maand lang geen reizigers van buiten de EU naar de 26 landen in de Schengenzone toestaan, tenzij hun trip essentieel is. De Europese Commissie stelt dat voor in de strijd tegen het coronavirus, meldt voorzitter Ursula von der Leyen.


We think non essential travel should be reduced right now in order to not spread the virus further, be it within the European Union or by leaving the European Union. There will be exemptions for EU citizens coming back home, for health care workers like doctors and nurses, but also scientists working on the solution of this health crisis.

It is important that our healthcare system is able to deal with the amount of patients that are severely ill. And therefore it’s of utmost importance to take all these measures member states are taking right now to slow down social contracts to slow down public life.”




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